About Us

Where Classic Meets Contemporary at Urbano Interiors 
A treasure trove of luxurious furniture, Urbano Interiors has been a leading purveyor of opulent products in New Zealand for more than a decade. With four impressive showrooms across the country, we showcase unique selections ranging from classic to contemporary style quintessential for home, office and even outdoor spaces.  We take great pride in growing the business as an upscale home furnishings brand that stands for quality and creativity.

As the exclusive distributor of highly distinguished British brand Alexander & James, timeless designs are brought to our distinct clientele in Aotearoa. With two stylish showrooms in both Auckland and Christchurch, each space is a lifestyle destination where you can immerse in the beauty of European-inspired designs and quality woodwork inspired by a rustic style. Urbano Interiors intertwines design, furniture and décor where you can bask in unique artisanal offerings of bespoke furniture, one-of-a-kind and handcrafted works by expert wood makers. 

Every Urbano Interior piece has brought flair to someone’s space while playing a significant part in small fragments of real-life stories. From inviting living rooms to entertain guests to dining areas for the whole family to unwind, we help create memorable moments for your home so you can celebrate the journey of life with the people you love. We imbibe the ethos of redefining art and comfort when it comes to lifestyle. We have remained relevant through the years by infusing the classic and contemporary into a realm of elegance. We continue to do so as we elevate our brand and offer our customers the best brands in various categories on our website and appreciate the furniture of everyday life.