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Colourlock FADEGARD® Leather Conditioner is a creamy lotion containing a range of ultraviolet filters together with synthetic conditioning and moisturising agents. With regular use, the suppleness of leather is retained and fading of colour is significantly reduced (independently tested by Research Institute Textile Services to AS 2001.4.21).

The lotion also contains active ingredients that reduce friction, thus minimising damage to leather caused by ‘dry-rub’ as verified by the Leather & Shoe Research Association of New Zealand (LASRA).

This product is ideal for furniture, clothing and automotive leather.

FADEGARD® Leather Conditioner was formulated specifically to combat the harsh UV environments in NZ, Northern Europe and Scandinavia. Developed in collaboration with NZ and German leather technicians, it is now sold in over 20 countries in Europe and Australasia.

After investigating the product, Norwegian Government Consultant to the Leather Industry, Trond Skancke, commented: “It is doubtful that any other product in recent years offers such a significant increase in the useful life span of leather. FADEGARD® is a sensational development! With the growing problem of fading here in Scandinavia and around the world, we need this product.”


FADEGARD® Leather Conditioner is applied evenly to the leather using a soft, clean cloth. Using a circular motion, work the Leather Conditioner into the article. A thin layer of leather conditioner will be left on the article for protection when completed.


  • Provides fade protection for pigmented and dyed leathers.
  • Conditions and moisturises leather surfaces.
  • Reduces friction – especially important on leather chairs and car seats.
  • Inhibits the growth of mildew and bacteria.
  • Effectiveness for dry-rub on top coated leathers supported by tests performed by the Leather & Shoe Research Assoc. (NZ).
  • Maintains pH balance of the leather. Buffers against body oils and sweat.
  • Manufactured using non-toxic and non-allergenic raw materials.
  • Effectiveness independently verified by the Research Institute of Textile Services (NZ).Note: FADEGARD® Leather Conditioner is not suitable for use on suede or nubuk.

Additional information

Dimensions 55 × 55 × 50 cm