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Bring Magic to your walls! with BC Magic Wallpaper
  • Self-Adhesive, Re-positionable and removable Wallpaper

  • Easy to Install & Remove

  • Customise to suit your colour scheme.

What’s ‘magic’ about BC Magic Wallpaper?

  1. It saves you money and time. No water, paste or professional tradesman required because you can do it yourself! There is no need to empty the room before the job.
  2. It is removable. Just peel it slowly off the wall, like a sticker! It does not damage the wallpaper or the wall paint underneath no matter how long it has been up there. Nor does it leave any residue like ordinary stickers do.
  3. It is re-positionable. It can be pulled down and put back up again many times and still looks like new, so you are allowed to make mistakes during the process. Creases are smoothed out easily when reapplied. Ideal for quickly setting up for events and exhibitions.
  4. It is safe. This US Patented adhesive textile is environmentally safe and bio-degradable over time, no PVC and nontoxic. It is printed with Eco-solvent ink so is safe to use in any room.


  1. Awesome removable and re-positionable wallpaper. Printed on self adhesive fabric with custom designs. Easy to install and remove. It looks like something painted on the surface, and it does not shine.
  2. Our standard wallpaper that is available on each listing is best suited for wall’s that have been properly primed and painted with white or light coloured paint. We also have ‘block-out’ wallpaper available for darker painted walls and a ‘high-tack’ wallpaper for wall’s painted with ‘wash and wear’/eggshell paint. Please contact us for more information and quotations.


  1. We can change the colour/s of any of our patterns to suit your colour scheme. Contact us by phone or email to request a pattern mock-up.

Custom Size

  1. Please contact us if you would like us to make you a custom order. Each wallpaper panel can be made to fit the height of your wall!
  2. Contact us by phone or email with the height and width measurements of the wall you are covering, for a free quote! It is best to add an extra 2 centimeters to each measurement as some walls aren’t 100% straight. Then you can easily trim the wallpaper with a craft knife.

Processing time

  1. We normally require 1-2 weeks for production as all of our products are made to order. If you require your order sooner please contact us before placing an order.


BC Magic Wallpaper is DIY friendly. It is quick and easy to apply or remove. Just peel and stick. The only tool you need is a pair of hands.

For the best result ensure that the wall has been properly primed and painted before installing the wallpaper. Allow freshly painted walls to dry for a minimum of 1 month before applying BC Magic Wallpaper. Make sure that the wall is dry and free of dust and dirt. Avoid applying closely to any source of heat.

1. Peel the sticker or wallpaper away from its backing paper.

2. Press the sticker or wallpaper against the wall and smooth it out with your hands.

3. If a crease or bubble appears, smooth away with your hands or simply peel the sticker off and start again.

We do not recommend applying the wallpaper to textured walls. We cannot guarantee that the adhesive will adhere correctly and the wall’s texture may show through the material.

How to Care for BC Magic Wallpaper?

The wallpaper can be wiped or dusted with a dry cloth. Cleaning products and moisture will cause damage to the ink.

If your sticker or wallpaper will need to be cleaned regularly, i.e. used in the kitchen or the bathroom, please let us know. A layer of waterproof coating can be applied to your order at an additional cost. Only use a damp cloth to clean the surface. Cleaning products may cause damage to the ink.