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Tel: 09 5247959
Ponsonby Shop 2/3 14 Jervois Rd.
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Christchurch 145 Blenheim Road Tel: 03 3488358
179 Blenheim Road Tel: 03 3488998
East Tamaki 6 Polaris Place
East Tamaki
Tel: 09 2729165

Urbano Interiors officially welcomed the Alexander & James brand with not one, but two opening night parties!
Newmarket Auckland store held one on the 6th of August, and the new concept store at 179 Blenheim Rd, Christchurch held another one on the 8th.

Alexander & James has given the traditionally conservative kiwi market an early start on the European trends. Though, it usually take between 5-10 years to make it to our little bit of paradise down under.
Bright jewel colours and fashionable velvets are what the customer first sees. But on further inspection you will notice how well the furniture has been designed. Nothing is left to chance, with teams of researchers and designers carefully pairing colours, patterns and ergonomic comfort designed. Above all, it was specifically to export the emotive behaviours of the human mind and body.
How else can you explain that “have to have” impulse that forces you to get those moths out of your wallet when you inexplicably fall in love with an inanimate object? Quite simply, we love it! No other explanation needed. We love, we buy, we are happy and content.

Two Jude chairs were given away as prizes on the open night, each valued at over $2000, and the recipients were very happy!
Customers, reps, friends and industry insiders were all welcomed with free flowing bubbles and hot food on the cold winters nights, and many conversations and laughs were had.
We relaxed on comfortable furniture, not so common for the average work function, but in our case it was number 1. Perks of the job I guess.


John (the A & J rep who flew over from Bangkok) had us all working like mules the previous day to ensure the furniture was set out perfectly, and had this great knack of casually suggesting to move a few pieces, and as long as he was putting his back in to it as well (he certainly did his fair share of that) we moved and removed furniture until we had the showrooms looking fantastic!
As John was giving his not so little speech about the company’s history, it really sunk in to me about what a privilege it is to be able to offer the pieces here in our little country.
Slowly but surely we are gaining traction with diversifying our furniture trends, and refining our tastes to include what we really love, not just what everyone else has. Well done kiwis keep it up.

You’ve got to see it to believe it, but I had myself a very clever bachelor last week who invested in the Eden suite, large sofa, snuggler chair, the Imogen chair all in the Venetian Ochre colours, and the artisan bohemian ottoman footstool to boot. If I wrote them down, I would have a list as long as my arm of pending dates for him, as every time I mentioned this to a customer, they all said he must have impeccable taste!
Well if that isn’t a compliment both to him and the furniture itself, I don’t know what it.
Welcome down under Alexander & James.